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Sergio in his Cave Creek gallery with his paintings of Mexican subjects
Sergio in his Cave Creek gallery with his paintings of Mexican subjects
Sergio Ladron de Guevara Fine Art - Website & Gallery

Welcome to the website of the Cave Creek, Arizona fine art gallery, SERGIO LADRON DE GUEVARA FINE ART (formerly Galeria Bellas Artes). On this site you may view and purchase all of the original works and fine art prints by Sergio, now on display in the gallery and you may order a wide variety of his fine art prints on paper and canvas, framed and unframed. If you live in or visit the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, Sergio and his wife Karen invite you to come to their gallery, filled with the breadth of his work from a  64 year career as a professional artist. Here you can meet the artist, see him at work, and purchase his art directly from him.       

In the Cave Creek, Arizona gallery, MEXICAN, FRENCH, ITALIAN AND SONORAN DESERT subjects, cover the walls as original oil paintings and fine prints on canvas and paper.  A small etching studio is incorporated into the gallery space including a hand built etching press, copied from that of Rembrandt. Numerous fine etchings are displayed on the wall and in portfolios. A small number of exquisite silverpoint drawings are also shown.

If you would like to keep in touch with Sergio and his work please sign up HERE to join one, two, or all three of our mailing lists. The first is “SMALL WORKS BY SERGIO” - M/W/F Auction email. Three days a week very specially priced small sketches, small paintings, silverpoint drawings and etchings will arrive in your inbox in an AUCTION format. You may bid on the artwork and will be notified at close of auction if you are the winner. You will be directed to Paypal for purchase. The second is "SMALL WORKS BY SERGIO" - T/Th Instant Purchase. On those two days a work of art by Sergio will be delivered to your email.  These specially priced small paintings, small sketches, silverpoint drawings and etchings will by available for INSTANT PURCHASE. On these emails you should not hesitate! The third mailing list item  is “ART IS US – COLORFUL COMMENTS BY KAREN” delivered via email twice a month. Stories and anecdotes by Sergio’s wife, Karen, of Sergio’s 64 years of living from his art give a closer look of the life of this artist. You may enjoy knowing why Sergio always wears a tie - even while he paints, or why he followed the house painters at his home in Mexico City, when he was only four years old – Karen will tell these things and more.There will also be an attached  Instant Purchase piece, perhaps related to the story that day. All three of these emails are simple to operate and are an interesting way to see more of Sergio's work and keep in touch with special pricing. Remember, you do not need a Paypal account to use the service - all credit cards are accepted there. If you are not able to work the system call Karen 480-595-1123, and she will process your purchase. If you would like to receive postcards from us via real mail - contact Karen via email or phone to give your address.

Two important series from the artist’s ‘oeuvre’ may be seen in the gallery – his “WALLS OF MEXICO/ WALLS OF FRANCE” series, casein paintings of Mexican and French street scenes showing the daily life of places where Sergio spent much of his own life, and the “PANDORA VARIATIONS” series, a fascinating body of semi-abstract works.

Any questions about the gallery or the art work may be asked of Karen Ladron de Guevara at 480-595-1123. If you prefer you may email me at
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SERGIO LADRON DE GUEVARA - FINE ART                 6501 E. CAVE CREEK RD. #4                CAVE CREEK, AZ 85331                480-595-1123

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